Buy And Install A Garage Door Opener For Your Elderly Parents

18 December 2015
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Lifting and shutting a heavy garage door can get more difficult as your parents enter their elderly years. A great Christmas present you can give them that they will be able to use all year-round is a garage door opener. You can even add to the value of the present by installing the opener for them. Here a brief overview of what you'll have to do to install a garage door opener for your elderly parents. Read More 

4 Ways To Make Your Noisy Garage Door Quieter

20 November 2015
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If your garage door is extremely noisy when opening and closing, it can be quite the disturbance for people in your home and your neighbors, especially if you come home late at night or leave for work early in the morning. This is why it's important to consider these four ways to make your garage door quieter: Tighten the Nuts: With a wrench, you will want to tighten all the nuts of the garage door so that they are snug, but not overly tight. Read More 

Single Mom New To Your House? 2 Problems You May Find With Your Garage Door

23 October 2015
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If you are a single mom and have just moved into a new house with a garage, you should understand some common problems you may have with the garage door. This can help you know what to do in these situations. Will Not Close All The Way If your garage door does not close all the way when you press the garage door remote, it could be a problem with the safety reversing sensors. Read More 

Three Reasons Not To Panic When Your Business’s Overhead Door Won’t Work

15 October 2015
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Owning a business brings about a lot of enjoyment, but it can also bring about high-levels of stress, especially when it comes to addressing malfunctions. When a piece of equipment isn't working right, the first thing on many business owner's mind is reduced productivity and expensive repair costs. Fortunately, when it comes to your overhead door, a malfunction doesn't necessarily have to be a complicated issue. There are a number of small things that could be causing the problem. Read More 

Keep Your Garage Secure With The Right Door Lock

9 October 2015
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Keeping your garage door secure when you are away from your home is important especially if you are someone who travels frequently because you want to be sure that no one can gain access to your garage while you are away. There are many different types of garage door locks on the market and choosing the right one to suit your needs is important. Here are the different garage door locking options that are available to you. Read More