Keep Your Garage Secure With The Right Door Lock

9 October 2015
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Keeping your garage door secure when you are away from your home is important especially if you are someone who travels frequently because you want to be sure that no one can gain access to your garage while you are away. There are many different types of garage door locks on the market and choosing the right one to suit your needs is important. Here are the different garage door locking options that are available to you.

Center Mounted Locks

There are locks that are located in a handle that can be attached to the center of your garage door. The lock keeps the handle from turning which will essentially keep an intruder from being able to manually open the garage door. These types of locks are inexpensive and very easy to operate.

Side Lock

A side lock is a lock that is mounted inside of your garage on the track of the garage door. The lock has an arm that goes between the door and the track of the opening system. The arm prevents the garage door from being raised. This is a great lock to consider when you are a frequent traveler because it is located inside of the garage where an intruder cannot tamper with it.

Keypad Lock

A keypad lock is a lock that is connected to the exterior of your home near your garage door. A code is entered into the keypad to operate the garage door opener so that the garage door will open. When the locking code is entered, the garage door opener initiates lock bars that keep the garage door from being able to move on the track.

Ground Mounted Locks

A ground mounted lock is a locking system that has one part of the system attached to the ground directly in front of your garage door and the other part attached directly to your garage door. When the garage door is shut, the piece attached to your garage door slides into the piece attached to the ground and a lock can then be placed between the two to keep the garage door from being able to be raised.

Installing many of the locks is not overly difficult to do, but hiring a professional like Overhead Door Of Akron to handle the installation for you is often your best option. This allows you to rest assured that the lock you choose is installed properly so that it can work as well as it is designed to work.