Single Mom New To Your House? 2 Problems You May Find With Your Garage Door

23 October 2015
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If you are a single mom and have just moved into a new house with a garage, you should understand some common problems you may have with the garage door. This can help you know what to do in these situations.

Will Not Close All The Way

If your garage door does not close all the way when you press the garage door remote, it could be a problem with the safety reversing sensors. There is a safety sensor on either side of the garage door a few inches from the ground. The first sensor sends out a beam, and the sensor on the other side of the garage door receives the beam

These sensor senses if there is an object in the beam, such as a pet or small child, and if so, the door will not close all the way. In some cases, however, the door may not close even if there is nothing blocking it.

Each sensor should have a bright steady light. If one of the sensors is not showing a light, or the light is flickering, the sensor may have gotten bumped. Try to move the sensor up and down a little to see if the light comes on. If so, your garage should be working. If the light does not come on, loosen the screws on the pivot bracket that supports the sensor. Slightly move the bracket up and down and in and out to see if the LED light comes on. If the light does come on, tighten the screws.

If you cannot get the problem fixed, override the sensor until you can. To do this, press and hold the button on the wall in the garage that you can use to manually open and close the garage door.

The garage door will now close all the way even if something is blocking it. It is important to get the sensors fixed as soon as you can, as this is a safety issue.

Broken Garage Door Springs

If your garage door stops while it is opening, you need to check the garage door springs. You may also hear a creaking sound when the garage is opening and closing, or notice that the door is not level while it is closed.

Go inside and look at the garage door springs that are located on either side of the garage door. Look to see if the springs are worn out or rusty. You may even notice there are breaks in the springs. The springs may look like it they elongated or stretched out.

Garage door springs can be very dangerous. If one of the springs completely breaks while you are in the garage, they could fly out hit you, causing injury. To fix this problem, as well as any other problems with your garage door, you should hire a professional garage door technician. It can be very dangerous working on your garage door if you do not know what you are doing. Contact a company like America's Garage Doors LLC for more information.