3 Ways A Garage Door Repair Expert Can Fix Your Noisy Door

26 July 2021
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It's great to have the convenience of a garage door, but after prolonged use, you should expect to hear strange sounds. Garage door noises are disruptive and indicate that there are issues with your door. In most cases, your garage door noise will result from the vibration it makes when you open or close it. While vibrations are normal, loose or worn-out parts can make the vibrations louder and irritating.  

Lubrication is a simple fix to a noisy door, but sometimes your door problem may require you to seek professional garage door repair services. Below are a few ways a garage door repair professional can help fix your noisy door.

1. Tighten loose parts in your garage door 

The noise from your garage door could result from missing screws and nuts or worn-out chains and hinges. If you hear a rattling or vibrating noise when you're operating your door, it could indicate that you have loose bolts and nuts. Any bent rollers will cause your door to make a high-pitched grinding or squeaking noise.

Suppose you notice any of these noises, you should contact a garage door repair specialist to help you make an accurate diagnosis. If your doors metal rollers are to blame for your noisy door, your technician may decide to switch to nylon rollers that don't require frequent lubrication. 

2. Replace your broken springs

Some garage doors have extension and torsion springs located at the side of your garage door tracks and above the door after closing it. If you notice that your garage door springs are operating properly but still produce noise, they may be worn out, and lubrication can fix the problem. However, if lubrication doesn't solve the noise or you have a broken spring, seek the services of a repair expert. If you try to remove or repair the springs or other loose parts, you are at risk of facing serious injuries.  

3. Replace or repair your garage door opener

If you hear squeaking noises from your garage door, there's likely a problem with your door opener. If it has a loose belt or chain-drive operator, then your door will have jerky movements and have a noisy operation. If you think that there's a problem with your garage door opener, you should contact a repair technician who'll advise whether you need a replacement.

When you have a noisy garage door, you should have the issue addressed by a repair technician. This way, you'll avoid incurring costly repairs and replacements down the road.