3 Tools You Need To Keep Your Garage Door In Great Condition

28 March 2016
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To avoid garage door damage, you need to perform regular maintenance on your door to keep it in positive working condition. Proper maintenance of your garage door can help it remain safer to use and keep it lasting longer on your property. Here are 3 tools you should always keep on-hand to help you keep this mechanism working smoothly.

Motor oil

Motor oil can be applied to your garage door gears and rollers to prevent friction that can cause springs to wear out or bearings to fail. If you notice your garage door rumbling or halting as you open and close it, then it may need to be lubricated along the rollers or springs. Wipe the area you will be applying motor oil to with a clean rag to remove debris and dirt, and apply small amounts of motor oil until fully lubricated to allow your garage door to open and close with ease.

Brake cleaner

The tracks your garage door rolls on can get clogged with dirt, leaves, and other debris that can make the door stop working completely. Forcibly trying to make a garage door operate when the track is dirty can cause the door to break or damage inner components, such as the bearings or springs. Brake cleaner can be used with a clean cloth to remove all kinds of debris from the track and allow your garage door to operate smoothly when in use.

Replacement springs

You can buy replacement torsion and extension springs at your local garage door supply store. Springs are what give your garage doors tension and allow them to stay open or partially open when in use. Test the balance of your garage door regularly by manually pulling it down halfway. If the door bounces back up or continues to move downward, it may be out of balance and need springs replaced. Always have a professional replace springs for you, as it is against the law to replace torsion springs without a professional. Having the springs on-hand can make the professional repairs cheaper and easier to perform.

If you notice slipping, friction, or even an imbalance in your garage door, you can use your tools to properly clean and lubricate needed areas to keep it in good working condition. A professional garage door repair technician can readjust or replace worn or broken springs to further make your garage door safer and much easier to control. When using motor oil or brake cleaner to maintain your garage door, always wear gloves and protective eyewear to keep your skin safe.

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