More Than An Entryway: How A Front Door Can Become A Decorative Focal Point

16 February 2016
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Front doors are installed on every home in the country. It can be easy to forget how much of an impact such a common item can have on the overall look of a home. Not every home is a grand mansion with amazing windows and breathtaking trim. That does not mean the owner needs to think it is okay for their house to just blend into the background in their neighborhood. Every home should stand out and reflect the style of the people who live there. Here are some simple ways that the front door can help to add some impact.

Emphasize the Era

Over the years many front doors on older homes have been updated with the times, but why not go retro? Match a 1920s or 1930s-era home with an etched or stained glass window from that era. Sidelights were also popular through this period and well into the 1940s. Geometric triple-paned doors were all the rage in mid-century homes. Homeowners can look for antique doors or new custom models that mimic these styles. 

Add Antique Hardware

If the homeowner has a home that is a century old, or older, a door to match that era may be unaffordable. Another option is to replace the hardware with antique pieces. Cast bronze antique backplates and hinges are often highly decorative and add a huge visual impact. It is possible to purchase new locking mechanisms to pair with this hardware, but a locksmith may be needed to measure, order and install everything correctly.

Add Some Color

The right color is the fastest, cheapest and easiest method of updating an entry. Most homeowners will choose their color according to its visual impact. Yellow is considered happy and welcoming. Green and blue are serene and friendly shades. Black is distinctive and makes a home look more elegant. Feng Shui colors for encouraging health, good luck and happiness are determined by the direction the front door faces.  

Get Something Unusual

Some homeowners are non-traditional, so why should they be forced to have basic, boring doors? Consider something unique instead. Dutch doors are a fun option that are rarely seen on a front entry today. Any solid door can be transformed into a split door. One of the benefits is that this option lets homeowners with dogs and small children open their door safely without fear of the little one running out.

Go With Glass

Glass doors are able to let in more light and make dark or small entryways look larger and feel more welcoming. Privacy is still possible with a glass door because the panels can be frosted and tinted if the owner feels it is necessary. Tempered glass can be used for homes with children if safety is a concern.

The front door is usually the first impression visitors have of the home and the people inside. Make certain it gives the right impression by adding some personal touches that are the most appropriate. Many tips require only small changes, but even replacing the entire door will be a small investment for the amount of impact it will have.

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