Three Maintenance Jobs To Keep Your Garage Door Running Properly

15 September 2015
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A homeowner who can perform regular repair jobs around the home develops a feeling of satisfaction and can save money, but there are times that he or she faces a dangerous job that is best left to an expert. Fixing the garage door is one of those times, as the door's heavy springs can release and cause a serious injury if the person handling them isn't thoroughly experienced. While arranging for a garage door repair person, such as SMARR GARAGE DOOR, to visit your home can ensure the job is done safely and properly, the average homeowner can focus on the upkeep of the door through a series of regular maintenance tasks. Here are three jobs suitable for many people.


Keeping  your garage door's moving parts properly lubricated can prolong the life of the door and lead to longer periods between repair jobs. Always check your garage door's manual to confirm the correct type of lubricant to use. In general, the manual will recommend a silicone-based lubricant or a non-silicone lubricant for the various parts of the door. Lubricate the hinges and rollers, especially if they show signs of being sticky or you can hear them creaking. It's important to ensure that when you're lubricating the wheels, you're applying the lubricant to the center of the wheels, not to the track itself.

Safety Sensor Test

The garage door's safety sensors, located along the frames of the door and close to the ground, play a key role in ensuring the door operates safely. When something breaks the plane between the sensors, they will quickly stop and reverse a closing door. Test the sensors by pressing the button to close the garage door and then using something bulky, such as rolled towel, to block the path between the sensors. The insertion of this object should immediately stop the door and reverse its path, but if the door continues to close, something is wrong. In this case, it's time to call a professional garage door repair person to replace the sensors.

Cable Inspection

A garage door's cables help to move the door up and down but can deteriorate over time. When you're performing other maintenance tasks on the door, it's important to inspect the condition of the cables. They should remain tight; if you see thin, string-like metal pieces coming from the cables, they're slowly deteriorating. Avoid further use of the garage door until a repair person can visit your home and replace the cables.