Checking The Safety Of Your Garage Door

31 August 2015
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If you have an automatic opening garage door on your home, you will want to do some routine maintenance tasks once or twice a year to help keep your door safe and in good working order. These tasks can all be done by yourself in a few minutes time, using basic tools. Here are some steps to take in maintaining your garage door so it works properly for years to come.

Check The Level

If your garage door is not level, it is a risk at hurting someone as it closes. It can also put a strain on the mechanisms and can stop working if it is not sitting on the track uniformly. To check that your door is level, pull the opener release handle so the door is not using the automatic opening feature. Physically pull the door up so it is at about at the half-way mark from the bottom and top of the opening. It should stay in this position on its own if it is balanced properly. If it goes all the way up, there is too much tension on the spring. This should be handled by a professional garage door specialist.

Look Over The Mechanics

Take a look at the mechanisms that work to move your door up and down. With the automatic feature in the off position, tighten all nuts and bolts throughout the structure of each rail. Check the rollers that roll along these rails for wear and tear. If you see any chips or cracks in a roller, they can be replaced with a new one you buy from a hardware store. Take a look at the lift cable to make sure all the strands are intact. If it is dirty, use a toothbrush to lightly cleanse the cable with a mild detergent and water. If you notice some strings have broken in the cable, it will need to be replaced by a professional. Lubricate the chain or screw that is used to open your door with a bit of white lithium grease. 

Test The Opener

Close your opener release handle so the door is ready to use the automatic opener. Test your opener by opening and closing your door several times while observing that it runs along the tracks without obstruction. Test to make sure the auto reverse feature works with your garage door by placing a wooden board between the floor and your garage door. When the door is closing and it gets close to the board, it should stop and start going back up. If it does not, you will need to call a professional, such as AAA Garage Door, Inc., to have it serviced. If your door does not have this option, consider purchasing a new garage door opener as it is a safety feature that can save lives.