DIY Garage Door Spring Repair: A Step-By-Step Guide

12 April 2023
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Your garage door is an essential part of your home, and if it needs to be fixed, it can be frustrating and even dangerous. One of the most common issues with garage doors is a broken spring. If you're a homeowner with intermediate to advanced DIY skills, you can save some money and tackle this repair independently. However, taking safety precautions and having the right tools and materials are essential.   Read More 

Does Your Garage Door Make Strange Sounds? 4 Possible Causes And Solutions

28 November 2022
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Generally, any garage door should operate silently. If it suddenly starts to produce sounds, something could be wrong. Unfortunately, many homeowners don't find the noise irritating at first and are likely to ignore it. In most cases, the noises get worse if left unaddressed. You might want to address the issue as soon as possible before things get out of hand. The following are the reasons behind your noisy door and compelling reasons to seek timely repair services. Read More 

The Benefits of a New Garage Door Installation for Your Home

31 August 2022
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A new garage door installation can provide your home with a number of benefits. If your garage door is more than 20 years old, it may be time for an update. The garage door may last for a few decades, but you could have damage to your door that requires you to have a new door installed before the expected replacement date. A new garage door installation will have new technology for you to choose from and give you the curb appeal you want for your home. Read More 

Benefits To Having An Automatic Garage Door Opener

9 June 2022
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If your garage does not currently have an automatic opener, you might want to think about getting one. While you might have been just fine without one up until now, once you learn about the benefits that come from having an automatic opener in place, you will wonder why it took so long for you to get one. To help you have a better understanding, you will want to continue reading. Read More 

Why You Should Not Delay Calling for a Garage Door Replacement

30 March 2022
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If your current garage doors have seen better times and they are starting to look as though they might start to malfunction, it is time for some new ones. You will want to call around to get quotes on a garage door replacement job. Remember, the last thing you want to do is to put off the installation of new garage doors because there are many negative things that can come from that. Read More