Have A Garage But Not Automatic Doors? What You're Missing Out On

27 June 2016
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Do you have a garage door that doesn't have an electronic opening option, and you have to open it manually every time you want to park in the garage or get into the house? If so, it's time to add an opening system to the property. A new opening system is going to make getting in and out of the garage easier and will add value to the home. Here are a few reasons you want to consider doing this right away.

Exterior Entry

Having a keypad to control the garage door on the outside of the home can help in many situations, especially if you have kids. You can use the keypad for the following:

  • Easy way for your kids to get into the house if it's locked and you don't trust them with keys
  • Get in if you lost your keys or forgot to grab them before leaving
  • Allow family or friends in to help with a pet or borrow something

You can have the keypad put on the front of the garage right near the door, or you can have it placed somewhere that is more discrete. These pads are easy to use and can be changed if needed over time.

Security Notifications

Do you want to know what time your child gets home from school or a friend's house, or see if someone is getting in your garage door when you haven't given permission? You can have a wireless notification sent to your smart phone each time someone enters the code and opens the door. If you have a home security system you can have the garage door opening system linked.

Quiet, Smooth Opening Options

Opening the door by hand and having the chains move can be loud, along with the door slamming back into place. With a quiet belt opening system the door will be lifted and closed smoothly and quietly, so you don't have to distract others inside the home or alert the neighbors each time you enter your garage.

If you think the garage door is in good condition but you wish you had an opening system, call a garage door company like Raynor Door Company and see if they can install an opening system with your current door. If they can't, it may be time to update the garage door at the same time for a complete new garage door and opening system with security features.