Pros And Cons Of Vinyl Garage Doors

19 January 2016
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If you are considering replacing your garage door, there are a few different materials to choose from. Vinyl is a material you will see many different styles of doors created in. While there are plenty of benefits to choosing vinyl, there are also a few drawbacks. It helps to look at the pros ad cons before making your decision.

Pro: They are more affordable

A big benefit to choosing vinyl garage doors is that they tend to be more affordable. While not the cheapest garage door material, their low cost is excellent compared to the other benefits you get.  Not only are the materials cheaper, but the installation of a vinyl garage door is not a difficult task, so you might find that the labor work for getting this type of door installed is also low in comparison to some of the alternatives.

Con: Vinyl doesn't have good insulation

Many vinyl garage doors will be made without any extra insulation, which means they won't help to maintain proper temperatures in your garage. While they can protect your garage and give you a durable, efficient garage door, they can actually cause your energy bills to rise due to this lack of insulation. There are many other garage doors that do have insulation, so if part of your garage is going to be a bedroom, office or man cave, you might want to consider another option.

Pro: They Are Durable

Another great benefit you get with vinyl garage doors is durability. This not only means less damage that you need to get repaired, but means the doors will last longer in their current condition. The material is very hard to dent, so if you have small kids that play in the driveway, you don't need to worry about their toys or bicycles hitting the door and damaging it. This is also good if you live somewhere with inclement weather, since it can handle different perils and temperatures.

Con: Low-quality vinyl looks fake

While vinyl can be made to look like different materials, such as real wood or natural stone, the lower-grade materials don't have a good look to them. If you choose a low-quality vinyl garage door just to save money and try to get it with a natural wood grain, it might look obviously like vinyl material. It is important that you look beyond cost and get the highest grade vinyl doors as you can get. The difference in appearance will be well worth the price you spend.

Pro: They are low maintenance

If you don't want to have to spend a lot of time taking care of your garage doors and inspecting them, you will be glad you chose vinyl. This material can handle so many elements and events that it is extremely low maintenance. Aside from routine cleaning to keep dirt and debris from building up, there isn't much else you need to do. The paint should remain as it was when you first got the garage door and the material is so hard to damage, repairs are rare. Contact a contractor, like A & J Garage Door Inc, for more info.