Protecting Your Car From The Cold

5 October 2015
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Even if you have a garage, bitter cold weather can damage your car. Keeping your vehicle inside as much as possible is helpful, but if your garage isn't well insulated or heated, your car can still suffer. As the temperatures fall, you need to take precautions to protect your vehicle.

Cold Weather Damage

Winter can adversely affect many parts of your car. For instance, all the fluids in your vehicle can thicken, causing seal problems or other engine issues. Older batteries are very susceptible to cold weather. If your battery is over four years old, consider replacing it before winter hits. If you don't, you may end up needing a tow to the garage. Also, remember to keep your tire pressure at recommended levels. When the air temperature falls, the pressure in your tires drops, sometimes by 5 psi (pounds per square inch) or more overnight. When you wake up one cold morning, your check pressure light may suddenly appear, requiring a quick trip to the gas station. Also, winter is hard on your car's finish due to snow slush and road salt. You will need to keep the exterior washed and waxed to keep it looking good while maintaining its resale value. 

Garage Work

Keeping your vehicle inside during the winter can reduce weather-related damage. However, your garage should maintain a certain temperature to keep your car working at its highest level. You need the garage temperature to stay above freezing to keep the battery, fluids, and tires in excellent running shape.

To keep things warm, consider insulating your garage walls. If your garage door is too old, insulating it may not do the trick. You might need to replace it with a new, more air-tight garage door installation. Many steel garage doors now contain polystyrene or polyurethane foam insulation at their core, which helps to keep your garage comfortable during the winter. They are quite durable and will not sag as some wooden doors might.  You can also safely install a natural gas heater to keep your garage warm enough for your car and to allow you to work in the space all year long. You will be protecting your vehicle while giving yourself room to pursue your home projects. 

The cold winter weather is hard on your car. Your battery, tires, and fluids are all adversely affected by freezing temperatures. Consider improving your garage so that it maintains a temperature that is good for your car. By doing so, you can also enjoy a more pleasant  place to work when the temperatures are harsh. You will save money on car maintenance, and your car is more likely to start without any problem. Prepare now so your car does not suffer damage from the cold.